Foto: Lysebu
Foto: Lysebu

Finance seminar 2024

14th to 15th February - Lysebu


  • 14. feb 2024til 15. feb 2024

The 14th of February - Lysebu

09.30 - 10.15
Registration and mingling
10.15 - 11.25
Session 1: Opening - Regulatory framework and predictability
  • Opening by conferencier
    • Nina Hirsch

      Chief Advisor energy law and permitting, Renewables Norway

    • Tuva Kvåle

      Industry Policy Advisor, Renewables Norway

  • Opportunities for wind power in Norway
    • Bård Standal

      Deputy CEO, Renewables Norway

  • How do we succeed with the development of wind power in Norway?
    • Ivar Arne Børset

      SVP Nordics Development, Statkraft

  • KLPs approach to investing in renewable energy
    • Eric Nasby

      Investment Analyst, KLP

  • Panel discussion
    • Lead by Nina Hirsch

      Renewables Norway

11.30 - 12.30
12.30 - 13.35
Session 2: Trends and project development in offshore wind
  • Investment Possibilities, and Challenges, in Norwegian OSW
    • Kurt Ove Østrem

      Partner, KPMG

    • Peter Kristian Kværner

      Senior Manager, KPMG

  • Offshore wind in challenging market conditions
    • Jon Evang

      Renewables Norway

  • UK’s experience in offshore wind
    • Karina Garnes Reigstad

      Head of Energy and Climate and Diplomacy, British Embasssy Oslo

  • Why Norway need to keep the speed up on floating offshore wind
    • Oskar Ahnfelt

      Vattenfall, Public and Regulatory Affairs


13.35 - 14.05
14.05 - 15.30
Session 3: The energy market and energy-intensive industry
  • Ancillary services from wind farms and the need for flexibility in the Nordic power system
    • Johan Arnberg

      Axpo Nordic, Head Physical Optimisation & Structuring

  • Is grid connection a barrier for the green shift?
    • Caroline Skaar Landsværk

      Partner, Lawyer, Wikborg Rein

  • The predicament of being power-intensive in Norway
    • Ole Løfsnæs

      Energy Director, Alcoa

  • Energy-intensive industry and PPAs
    • Ellen S. Paaske

      Head of Business Development, Energy Markets, Hydro

  • Panel discussion: Plans for the next decade
    • Lead by Kristin Rasdal

      Renewables Norway

15.30 - 16.00
16.00 - 17.15
Session 4: Investor's trust in the Norwegian market
  • Investors' view on the Norwegian market
    • Lars Ove Skorpen

      Director Power & Renewable Energy, Pareto Securities

  • Concessions and tax - a new beginning for the host municipalities?
    • Stein Erik Stinessen

      Supreme Court Lawyer, LNVK

  • Investing in the green shift in Norway – selected investments tips, structuring and mitigating measures
    • Peter Aall Simonsen

      Partner and former Chairman of Norwea
      Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig AS

  • Update on the Norwegian wind industry from the Ministry of Energy
    • Elisabeth Sæther

      State Secretary in the Norwegian Ministry of Energy

  • Panel discussion
    • Lead by Tuva Kvåle

      Renewables Norway

  • End of day 1
    • Nina Hirsch

      Chief Advisor energy law and permitting, Renewables Norway

17.30 - 18.30

The 15th of February - Lysebu

08.45 - 09.00
Coffee and mingling
09.00 - 10.00
Session 1: How to finance offshore wind in Norway?
  • Opening by conferencier
  • How to finance offshore wind in Norway
    • Jon Evang

      Renewables Norway

    • Nikolai Astrup


  • Is the Norwegian CfD scheme good enough?
    • Simon Joneklav

      Head of Project & Infrastructure Finance and Leverage Finance Norway, SEB


  • Making the change; how to fund; who to fund; and - what they need. Lessons learnt so far; a cocktail of foreign and domestic investors, ground rent tax and offshore auctions. Is this as good as it gets?
    • Ketil Hardeng

      Partner, Haavind

    • Nikita Chandrashekar

      Investment Banking Associate Director, Augusta & Co

  • Access to capital in a turbulent offshore wind market
    • Hans Petter Øvrevik

      Deep Wind Offshore, COO



  • Panel discussion
    • Lead by Marita Tennebø

      Renewables Norway

10.00 - 10.30
10.30 - 11.30
Session 2: Sustainablitity as a criteria for competitiveness
  • Net Zero Industry Act
    • Nina Hirsch

      Chief Advisor energy law and permitting, Renewables Norway

  • Sustainability as a criteria for competitiveness
    • Ingrid Lomelde

      Group Head of Sustainability, Mainstream RP

  • The effect of inflation and supply-chain bottlenecks for offshore wind and sustainability
    • Thomas Hwan Jensen

      Head of Regulatory Affairs Denmark, Norway & Hydrogen Nordics

  • Toolbox for landscape friendly energy installations
    • Espen Reinfjord

      Regionleder Sør Analyse, plan og landskap, Asplan Viak

    • Kathrine Strøm

      Fagansvarlig bærekraft innen landskapsarkitektur, Asplan Viak

  • Concluding remarks from Brussels
    • Giles Dickson

      CEO, WindEurope

  • End remarks
    • Nina Hirsch

      Chief Advisor energy law, Renewables Norway

    • Tuva Kvåle

      Industry Policy Advisor, Renewables Norway

11.45 - 12.45
Mingling and meeting opportunities throughout the afternoon