Hydropower – the most reliable, sustainable energy

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Europe needs to produce more renewable energy. Solar and wind need to continue grow, and hydropower will be there to provide the stability they need. Therefore we need the Sustainable finance regulations and hydropower to be a perfect fit.

The European Commission are moving in the right direction to ensure a level playing field for renewable energy sources in the final steps on new rules on Sustainable finance in Europe.

We have two proposals to make it even better:

The regulation on sustainable finance are in its final stage. In order for hydropower to take advantage of the financing power the EU trilogues should consider the following:

  • The Good ecological potential definition must be clearly in line with the Water Framework Directive.
  • The Council position in the trilogue negotiations ensures this and should be supported.

The council position reads: "Sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, where that activity is detrimental to the good status, or where relevant the good ecological potential of water bodies, including surface waters and groundwaters, or to the good environmental status of marine waters." (article 12, paragraph 1 c)

Life Cycle Evaluations (LCE) should be used the same way for all technologies. All technologies that have sufficient evidence for low emissions per kWh should be exempt from obligatory LCE assessment.

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